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Multicultural city

In the foothills of the Mecsek mountains lies the wonderful county seat of Baranya: Pécs, the city with a thousand faces. Sopiane, predessor of Pécs in the ancient times was inhabited by Celtic and Pannonian tribes and the Early Christian  burial sites are now part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The centuries-old tales of the city are reminded by Turkish Age buildings. The century and a half long Ottoman occupation left a rich architectural heritage, including the Mosque of Pasha Gazi Kasim on the city’s main square. 

However, Pécs is not only a significant target in terms of cultural values, but also a vibrant university town and a melting pot of many ethnicities. Hungary’s first university was built here in 1367, where currently twenty thousand students are pursuing their studies and the city is also the main center of German and Croatian minorities. It is a birthplace of many artists: world-renowned poet Janus Pannonius, painter Victor Vasarely, Mihály Munkácsy, and architect Marcell Breuer were all born in the city of Pécs.

The multicultural city is also a culinary scene, nationally famous chefs serve excellent food in numerous great restaurants throughout the city center and beyond. Nature lovers do not have to go far away either, as the mediterranean city is surrounded by the fascinating hills of Mecsek mountains and the marvellous Lake Pécs.

Tolnai Kert, Pécs city’s first family residential park is located in the center of all these. With its unique design, renewable energy and its green belt, close to downtown location, Tolnai Kert is one of the most exclusive family residential parks of the city, a great choice for long-term investment.

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