Guaranteed quality

Solar power

Green energy is provided by a solar plant of power output of 2,56 kW on every building.

Renewable energy

Renewable energy is produced by 8 panels of power output of 320 W in every house.

Thermal insulation

The most efficient heat conservation is provided by 12 cm thick thermal insulation on the facades of the buildings. The walls are extra soundproof.

Underfloor heating

Complete underfloor heating provides comfort for residents on the basis of economical and space-saving thermo technology.

Quality flooring and wall coverings

All of our floor tiles, parquettes and wall tiles are high quality products, which you can choose to your own taste.

Exclusive, newly-built homes with green energy by the forest creek, only minutes away from the heart of the city. Tolnai Kert is a village in the city, where you and your family can have everything you need. Pécs city’s first family residential park is not only an excellent long-term investment, but also a perfect eco home, where you don’t have to compromise and can lower your household expenses to a minimum.

A++ energy efficiency rating

Tolnai Kert homes have A++ energy efficiency rating.

Private road

Entering the residential park is only available through a closed, private road, while safety of the families is ensured by security alarm and camera system.

Calm living space

Tolnai Kert provides an opportunity to establish a calm and safe living space.

Are you ready for your new home?

If you see yourself living here, do not hesitate, find your house and secure it today.

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